Who Who is

House of Who, Inc. is a multi-media creative agency comprised of full-brain creative strategists, brand experts, digital savants, production journeymen, word geeks, artistic craftspeople and visionaries who want to help you define who you are - and express it in the most powerful, profitable and artful way. #brandtruth


What Who does

We work with Fortune 100 companies, enterprising start-ups, and everyone-in-between on Naming & Nomenclature, Brand Strategy, Logo & Graphic Design, Brand Architecture, Digital Strategy and more.  See client case studies (or request to see the behind-the-bar stuff!) 


How Who does it

Who works hourly, per product, on-retainer or in-partnership, as you like.  Every relationship and every single project - no matter how big or small - is custom-tailored to what you need, and gets attention from our principal and Director of Creation, Shannon DeJong. So you get a trusted brand advisor + a skilled team of strategist/artists.


Why Who + you

Who has an ethos that eschews brand bullsh*t and helps you get right to thoughtful, beautiful, meaningful branding that sparks conversation. To officially start the conversation, Contact Us