Who Who is

House of Who is a nimble creative team of strategists/artists that support other agencies in need of extra support or specialized skills in Brand Strategy, Naming, Nomenclature, Design & Video. Access Who's team of savants, mavens, demigods, and channelers (AKA: designers, strategists, writers, and namers) to complement your team. Agencies we've worked with include:

Anthem Worldwide | Bonfire Communications | Chase Design | Eat My Words | Grey Group | Hyperquake | Igor International | Johnson Beesley | Landor Associates | Leonito | LPK Brands | Moxie Method | Operative Words | Rich Pageant | SpiceFire | Sterling Brands | Sterling Becker | SALT Branding | Tanj | United Talent


What Who does

 We specialize in naming and creative strategy, helping you get to the strategic point and keep creative edge. We also know that sometimes you need an extra hand, eye, or mind to help your clients do that. Win - win - win. Let's talk. 


How Who does it

Who works hourly, per product, on-retainer or in-partnership, as you like it.  Hire one of us or hire us all - with every relationship and every single project getting special attention from our principal and Director of Creation, Shannon DeJong. So you get high-skill, heavy-lifting, fast-footed, easy-on-the-budget help NOW.


Why Who + you

No matter client-side or agency-side we all need someone trusted at our side who we can hand things off to; Who has decades of experience in both brand and art, knows the industry, the client, the time pressures - and when to be creative and when to tow the line.