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Need to name, define, refine, express your brand so that your audience actually cares?  

If you are a Fortune 100 company or a start-up making your first fortune and you're ready to get real:

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Need a hired gun, extra creative genius, breath of fresh air or partner in crime? 

If you are a boutique agency or global brand behemoth and you're ready to put the art back into branding: 

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Need to define who you are and what you do in a meaningful way?

If you are a high-powered, multi-faceted individual and you're ready to dig deep and distill your powerful personal brand:

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We believe in the potential of every brand's truth.

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Specialty? Naming and brand strategy. Because we believe your most powerful and profitable work in the world comes when you know and express your brand with style and substance.

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Some of our happy naming clients:


Shannon DeJong

Shannon DeJong
CEO/Director of Creation

Who am I? I'm here to help you find out Who is You.  As a brand consultant, working artist and Zen practitioner, I work and play with a ruthless hunger for truth... Grrrr.

A specialist in strategic brand development, naming and "creative distillation," I've worked with clients of all shapes & sizes, from Fortune 100 brands to individual artists.

You're looking for a decade of naming expertise or a Tetris-like strategic brain? Creativity worth a million suns?  Maybe just a little common sense? 

Game on.



Ciana Wilson

Lead Strategist


Liz Rhoades

Project Manager

Whitney Bakaleinikoff

Lead Namer / Writer


Tanal Basma

Executive Project Manager

William Murray

Graphics Designer


Nick Beesley

Print & Packaging Designer

Kerri Lowe

Content Strategist


Robin Puro

Finance Director

A linguist, a poet and a filmmaker walked into a cafe...


And so begins many of the projects of Who.

Composed of strategic experts, word geeks, artistic craftspeople and production journeymen, Who is a new breed of creative agency that isn't afraid to get down and dirty defining and building brands. 

Founded in 2012 and led by Shannon DeJong to put the art & soul back into branding, Who is a communications arthouse that, through brand strategy, content creation and creative storytelling, helps clients ignite and enlist audience hearts and minds in meaningful ways.


Your truth is your most valuable asset.


When it comes to creating a brand, everyone needs a process. We have one. But somewhere along the way, the creative brand process gave way to proprietary methodologies and formulaic algorithms. But templatized branding yields a brand that feels like a template. 

What happened to the art of expressing the soul of a product or company?

In this hyper-connected world with multi-tasking modalities, a brand can't afford to be a talking head. Increasingly, audiences smell inauthenticity from a mile away. Today's businesses are learning that success isn't about profit - it's about profit with integrity. We believe there isn't a difference between the creative process, the brand process, and the process to find your truth.

It's less about how you work and more about with whom you work. Who is creating your brand?  

At the end of the day, who do you want to spend weeks working with? What kind of agency would be inspiring to you? Do you trust and connect with your consultants and creatives? These are the questions that really matter when it comes to picking a creative partner. 

We believe it's not how, but Who.